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  • 1) Sipat-Co 

  • Manufacturer and exporter of beech and oak wood. Unedged, edged, steamed, dried (KD, AD), fresh cut beech and oak lumber. Beech and oak wood elements
    Located in:Macedonia
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  • 2) Plena BiH 

  • Dear,  We are firm Plena BiH d.o.o. located in Sarajevo(RTC Cement), Bosnia.We are part of Plena Holding international firm from Orebro, Sweden (www.p
    Located in:Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • Our company has been dealing with the production and trading of cut European hard lumber, especially beech wood for over 30 years. - European Beech steamed
    Located in:Italy
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  • 4) AGROP NOVA A.S. 

  • Manufacturer of panels and panel components, Manufacturer of timber constructive systems, Manufacturer of timber-related products, Timber Frame cutting
    Located in:Czech Republic
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  • 5) hemtej engineers and consultants 

  • dear sir, we buy and sell teak logs and pine logs, any species of hardwood or softwood, any country og origin.  kindly send urgently your offers to se
    Located in:India
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  • 6) Gorhan A.S. 

  • Gorhan A.S. has been established in 1981. Now continues its production within its 5000m2 factory by CNC supported machines and high skilled technical personel(e
    Located in:Turkey
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  • 7) Alfa Trend 

  • The company is specializing in the production of furniture plate and furniture half-finished items amde from birch. In order to provide qualified products
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 8) Rino's Woodworking Shop, Inc. 

  • Rino? Woodworking Shop, Inc.: Offering hundreds of its fine quality moldings on line; including crown, chair, shoe & cove and much more.
    Located in:United States
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  • 9) imeri 

  • We sell Caucasian Black Walnut. Gunstock blanks, parquet, and all kind of details for souvenirs etc. We are working on Beech wood, fir tree, pine trees as well.
    Located in:Georgia
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  • 10) Squires Hardwoods, Inc 

  • We own and operate two sawmills. We cut grade lumber and squares in lengths from 5-10 feet. We also have dry kilns, laminating and planing mills. Our company
    Located in:United States
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  • CV. Bumi Paramarta Jaya is specialist in Indonesian hardwood and products. We have wide range of products for European, Asian, and American market :  
    Located in:Indonesia
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  • 12) Viriza 

  • Our Sawmill ?IRIZA-LPC?placed in Russia St-Petersburg. Our company produce an eaves/ unedged board (coniferous species: redwood, white wood, Larix Sibirica
    Located in:Russia
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  • 13) Butnaris 

  • BUTNARIS Company produces its barrels and staves from Eastern European oak Quercus robur/sessilis. BUTNARIS conducts its business in Romania and Moldova (known
    Located in:Moldova
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  • 14) db hardwoods 

  • db hardwoods imports and exports high quality hardwoods for the furniture, parquet and building industry.   We are producer of European hardwoods : Eu
    Located in:Belgium
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  • 15) Premier Wood Products, Inc. 

  • Suppliers of solid and laminated squares, turnings, carvings, profile wrapped mouldings, castpolyester components, and other furniture parts to the furniture an
    Located in:United States
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